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Täschligate belastet die Beziehungen zwischen Zürich und den USA. Die amerikanische Öffentlichkeit ist entrüstet, die Zürcher reagieren mit Unverständnis und antiimperialen Reflexen. Die Lage ist kritisch. Die unten zitierte Mitteilung habe ich eben auf Oprahs Hompage (oprah.com) gepostet. Ich hoffe, dass dies ganz in eurem Sinn ist.

Dear Oprah,

first of all I feel sorry for what happend to you in Switzerland. I am part of a collective of bloggers from Zurich (bonz.ch). As a leading institution of Zurich’s cultural life, our mission is to entertain the public and mediate in cross-cultural conflicts like the recent ‚Handbag-Gate‘.

In the beginning local analysts and commentators of cultural and public affairs perceived ‚Handbag-Gate‘ just as a story to fill the summer slump. We learned now that this is not the case. Behind the story are real people and real feelings, this makes it very serious and relevant. Welcoming our international guests with a climate of latent discrimination was one mistake, but the lack of sensitivity how this matter was dealt with, seems even worse.

It is obvious that recent incidents stress the relations between USA and Zurich. Our cultural elite is very much concerned that further escalation might enlarge the rift between our two great nations and in this respect we fear the growing threat of american drones circling over Zurich. We have learned our lesson. In consideration of the greater common good and before the situation is getting completely out of control, I appeal to all actors working together to settle down this issue. Switzerland has a long history of conflict-resolution hence i feel very optimistic that we can make it.

It is a long tramp to peace thus bonz.ch offers its services to structure and attend this process. So we kindly invite you and all other stakeholders to take part in the BPIP (bonz peace initiatitive process). In a first step we invite all involved parties to explain themself publicly. As a gesture of respect and because you are the victim in this case, we offer you to take the lead explaining yourself, Oprah. As bonz.ch has the mandate of implementing the BPIP, we are the best institution for conducting and publicize an exclusive interview with you. We are completly aware that you were already talking to Larry King about it. Of course we respect Larry, but it is no secret that he has his own agenda to fuel this conflict. Too bad you did not talk to us in the first place, but don’t worry, it’s not too late, not yet. In this respect we are looking forward hearing from you. To discuss further steps you may contact us by email or leave a message via Radio Moscow.

We all know that this is not just about a handbag, it is a matter of the cognitive liberation of the black movement and it’s a struggle against the dirty hand of history that tears harmony-loving people apart. We are one tribe sharing the same planet and in this respect we are liable to save this heritage, the western civilization and democracy.


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