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Oh!Gunquit : London’s Freak-a-billy Circus

Oh! Gunquit

Time to meet your new favourite band and album, and the beginning of frequent visits to hospital A&E because of the twisted rhythmic effect on the body and the deranged dance-floor tempting offered. The culprits are UK provocateurs Oh! Gunquit and debut album Eat Yuppies and Dance. With more agitated rhythms than found in a Cardiothoracic unit entangled in a web of virulent contagion built on salacious grooves and naughtily flirtatious temptation, the band’s sound is pure irrepressible addiction. Hints of their devilish practices have been unveiled for quite a while by singles, videos, and an acclaimed live presence, but with Eat Yuppies and Dance, the London based quintet has just infected the world with their finest moment yet, and the are coming to Spain to present it – live!

Oh! Gunquit

Oh! Gunquit

Live the band has played at many events/festivals all over UK including Field Day, Offset, Hop Farm, and FarmFestival. Also shows in Amsterdam, Berlin, Belgium, & a tour of Portugal, France and now Spain!


There is no remedy to the potency and create toxins of Oh! Gunquit’s sound, just more lust emerging with every listen of their brilliant first album.

>> Webiste Oh!Gunquit


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