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Gospel of Trash: Reverend Beat-Man

Reverend Beat-Man is not only a One Man band it is A MISSION for the Blues Trash church.. with only a Guitar a Kick Drum 1 Hi Hat and a microphone Reverend Beat-Man tells you story’s about Dead, the Live about killing and about the lost love and about seeing the Light ..this is kinda a new way to preach the Gospel to the people, it’s all very raw and primitive with a lot of Blues Trash and Primitive Rock’n’Roll and Gospel music in it.. and HE PREACHES !!! believe me brothers and sisters he will bring you on the wrong track of live and then gets you back to the blues trash church !!!

Gospel of Trash

Gospel of Trash

Gospel of Trash

Leadfoot Tea is the ‚one man band‘ project of Lee Tea. The Swedish musician, best known as part of the duo Thee Gravemen and singer and guitarist of Branded, was also bassist in wild British garage band Thee Exciters Leadfoot Tea is a return to basics, to a stripped down, wild, useless and amusing rock ’n‘ roll. The songs are short and fast, with rockabilly, garage and blues influences, mainly of the 50s, 60s and 70s of the twentieth century.

Gospel of Trash: God

Gospel of Trash

Bone Zeno ( formerly known as D-66) brings his blues trash back to Dirty Water Club. If a fatal crossbreed of Tom Waits, Lemmy, Hazil Atkins and Delta Blues Trash floats your boat, then DO NOT MISS Bone Zeno.

Plus, back again behind the decks at a Dirty Water night, is our old friend John The Revelator, playing a danceable selection of garage, beat, soul, r&b and good old rock’n’roll.

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