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Banksy verunstaltet Paris Hilton

Ich weiss, es ist eine alte Kamelle.. aber für mich ist Banksy einer der besten Künstler der Gegenwart. In diesem Clip verunstaltet Banksy Paris Hilton und verteilt seine eigene CD Version in den Läden. Zum Clip

Hundreds of Paris Hilton albums have been tampered with in the latest stunt by „guerrilla artist“ Banksy. Banksy has replaced Hilton’s CD with his own remixes and given them titles such as Why am I Famous?, What Have I Done? and What Am I For? He has also changed pictures of her on the CD sleeve to show the US socialite topless and with a dog’s head. A spokeswoman for Banksy said he had doctored 500 copies of her debut album Paris in 48 record shops across the UK. She told the BBC News website: „He switched the CDs in store, so he took the old ones out and put his version in.“

Christian Mäder

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