Filmkultur in Nordkorea

Eine neuer, 3-teiliger Dokumentarfilm über die Filmkultur(?) in Nordkorea auf vbs tv. (Erinnerung, das war der Channel der den ultrakrassen Dok über Liberia produzierten.)
Total weird… hätte mir vor Staunen fast den Kiefer ausgerenkt. Schaut es auch an.
Part 2
Part 3
You could say that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il has two primary obsessions: maintaining nuclear weapons capability as a means of protecting his „hermit kingdom,” and thwarting pressure from outside forces like America and the rest of the industrialized world to open his country to modern things like electricity… and he's obsessed with film. He loves movies. It's rumored that he has one of the largest private film collections in the world. His favorite film is Gone with the Wind and his favorite actress is Elizabeth Taylor.

Christian Mäder

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