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Anti Fastfood Werbung

..und ich dachte immer PETA steht für „Please Eat This Animal“.. naja, hier geht’s wohl eher um Anti-Fastfood Werbung. Herzatacken, Artierienverkalkung Undsokram.
PCRM’s provocative new fast-food commercial draws attention to the link between heart disease deaths and fast food. Studies show that people who consume fast food are at a higher risk for obesity, a factor contributing to heart disease. High-fat, high-sodium offerings at fast-food restaurants include products such as KFC’s Double Down Combo Meal, which has 45 grams of fat and 2,120 milligrams of sodium, and McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal, which has 61 grams of fat and 1,650 milligrams of sodium.

Christian Mäder

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