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Garage, House, Dub; Future Sound Directory Remix

Runter in die Garage, Sound rein, und zwar Mixology Eight: KingThing. Der Achte Remix von Future Sound Directory, 2-Step and Garage, Britain (UK) hat es in sich. Grosses Kino für die Ohren.
Mixology Eight: KingThing by Fundamental
Und für die Gwundernasen, hier die komplette Tracklist:
Jamie Grind – Remember Those Days (forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Plot Twist – Ohene (forthcoming Fortified Audio)
James Fox – New Jack Swing
Resketch – Ghosts
KingThing – Mad Hatter
Dark Sky – High Rise (forthcoming Blunted Robots)
Gon – Untitled
Distal & HxdB – Untitled
KingThing – You Know
Volta Cab – Give It Juice (XXXY's Rubicon RMX -forthcoming Wicked Bass)
DJ P.O.L. Style – Vampire Killah
Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (El-B remix)
Submerse – Tokyopop (forthcoming Night Audio)
KingThing – Neglect Me
KingThing – Different Spin
Mock The Zuma – Me (forthcoming Night Audio)

Christian Mäder

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