Februar, 2020


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The end is near!

With the „Apocalypse Orchestra“ in the team, the Kummerbuben are now riding towards Schaffhausen to spread a little doomsday mood. They would only do this on foot for friends («Fründe», «Dicki Meitschi» 2015).

Still traded as a hot newcomer in 2007, the Bern middle-old boys around singer Simon Jäggi are now trading much higher in the CH music business and are considered one of the best Swiss rock bands. Regarding her latest album, Der Bund says:
«The songs stir emo-bombast, post-punk drama and cinematic doom romanticism to a wonderfully morbid exuberance. Never heard of anything like this. Especially not in Berndeutsch. […] The result is a not easily digestible album full of beautiful musical details. This care in setting the tone has even more of an effect in silence than in a quick temper. »

Sounds great, bought!

Line up:

Kummerbuben: Simon Jäggi (Voc) | Moritz Alfons (Git.) | Urs Gilgen (guitar, banjo, mandolin) | Higi Bigler (bass, sax, bass clarinet) | Tobi Heim (drums)

Apocalypse Orchestra: Delphine Granges (violin) | Susanna Fini (violin) | Ruggero Pucci (Viola) | Antonio Serrano Perez (cello) | Martina Hunziker (clarinet) | Manuel Nägeli (trombone) | Cornelius Wegelin (Trumpet)

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(Freitag) 21:00 - 00:00



Baumgartenstrasse 19, 8200


Mainland Musicinfo@mainlandmusic.com Rötelstrasse 15, 8006 Zürich

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