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Kummerbuben  together with apocalyptic strings on tour: a concert experience that gets under your skin! The Bernese Rumpelrock band spans a seven-piece classical formation and among other things brings the songs of the new album „Itz mau Apokalypse“ on stage. Sometimes they are dark, sometimes bombastic, sometimes full of beauty.

Can you compare music with chewing gum? If so, you could make the following comparison: There are these wonderfully sweet specimens, but they lose their taste after a short time. And then there are those chunks where you have to chew a little longer. The six new songs are no easy fare, but you have more of them. The new album „Itz mau Apocalypse“ tumbles on the fine line between happiness and unhappiness, between irony and harmony, always hard on the edge of the abyss.

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7. Februar 2020 20:30 - 00:00(GMT+00:00)


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