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06Apr20:0000:00NADA SURF

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 Live 2020

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Anyone who appreciates the indie scene of the 1990s  knows NADA SURF  . The band consists of school friends who met in New York City. In 1996 they celebrated their first catchy tune „Popular“ from the album „High / Low“, which Ric Ocasek had produced. In 2003 her power pop masterpiece „Let´s Go“ was released. It contains a whole series of hits, of which the quartet will certainly present quite a few as well as new songs from their current album „Peaceful Ghosts“ on April 6, 2020 in Stuttgart at Im Wizemann.

NADA SURF  have a knack for melodies that stick in the memory. Her songs often speak of longing and heartache, but they still exert a strong fascination. Frontman Matthew Caws thinks he knows why. Her music was made for an audience made up of like-minded people, he says. „Even the saddest song should be performed in front of people who stand together in a group.“ Making music itself was an ecstatic experience for him, regardless of the topic of a song. „The process of writing, recording and editing is great fun! Even if I get the idea for a song one afternoon that worries me, I feel happy at the end of the day. „

Looking at his band’s remarkable song catalog, songwriter Matthew Caws notices how much he and his bandmates tend to switch from the „brisk live band“ on stage to the „somewhat reserved“ pop outfit in the studio. „You need the right balance of overestimating and underestimating yourself, accelerator and brake.“

NADA SURF  currently consist of Matthew Caws (guitar, vocals), Ira Elliot (drums), Doug Gillard (guitar) and Daniel Lorca (bass, backing vocals). The band was founded in 1991 by Caws and Lorca in New York. Both had met at the urban Lyceé Francais. They also had another thing in common: they had spent part of their childhood in Belgium and France. Later they should play together in various bands.  Regarding the name  NADA SURF , Matthew says: “It has an existential connection and means ’surfing on nothing‘. You are lost in your head or your imagination, but when I listen to music I find myself in a mental space, that is what the name refers to. ”

After the albums „High / Low“ (1996) and „The Proximity Effect“ (1998), „Let Go“ followed in 2002. With „Là pour ça“ it also contains a French title, an indication that NADA SURF  already does  were quite popular in France at the time. Her song „Inside Of Love“ reached number 73 on the British charts. Also in Germany the band won an enthusiastic fan base with their third work. Through appearances in the preliminary program of Sportfreunde Stiller and We Are Heroes, NADA SURF  further increased  their popularity. The band has a close relationship with Germany and recorded their current album “Peaceful Ghosts” live with the Babelsberg film orchestra. In spring 2020, NADA  will become   SURF  in addition to her headline tour at some Madsen shows as a special guest.

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