Mai, 2020

13May20:0022:30THE DISTRICTS

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Indie rock is dead? Don’t think so! When the guitars of The Districts and the voice of frontman Rob Grote roar, you feel like you are back in the first ten years of the current millennium. The Pennsylvania guys are holding the indie rock flag higher than ever! Songs like „Long Distance“, „4th Roebling“ or „Funeral Beds“ would have been stadium anthems at a different time. Well – now they are whipped through the little clubs! It’s much more personal anyway! Therefore – put on skinny jeans and head to Zurich when The Districts unpack their guitars on May 13th and turn the paper hall into a stadium.

Media partners:  Bakery Days  &  Negative White  &  City  Concerts



(Mittwoch) 20:00 - 22:30



Kalanderpl. 6, 8045


Mainland Rötelstrasse 15, 8006 Zürich

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