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French street artist gives a second life to abandoned WWII bunkers in Normandy

French street artist gives a second life to abandoned WWII bunkers in Normandy.

Blesea is a 32 year old French artist from Normandy. He has been a graffiti artist since 1998. Rather than spreading his name all over the city his approach is to integrate his art into the environment. His artwork is influenced by a wide variety of sources ranging from historical to modern pop culture references.

Blesea’s choice of medium is the German bunker which were abandoned at the end of the second world war. Once playing an important role, the run down bunkers now litter the Normandy beaches. Rather than attracting criticism, Blesea’s work has been received as a much needed restoration and creative use of the bunkers. Blesea’s work has generated social media traction and visits from people in the local area.

Blesea has transformed bunkers into:

The Great Sphinx of Giza
A tribute to an American paratrooper who landed on the pinnacle of the church tower in Sainte-Mère-Église.
Darth Vader
The Thing ( Marvel Comics)
Shenron From Dragon Ball Z

Videos, Photos & Social Media

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bleseagraffiti/

Instagram : https://www.yooying.com/blesea_one




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