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Fai Baba «Veränderet» Album im März

After airplay for the first singles «Veränderet», «Fotograf» and «Rägeboge» in France, Belgium, Germany, USA and Switzerland A Tree in a Field Records is releasing Fai Baba’s latest album «Veränderet» on March 04th 2022.


16.03. CH Bern – Ka-We-De
02.04. CH Basel – Kaserne
06.04. CH Winterthur – Theater am Gleis
07.04. DE Nürnberg – MUZ
08.04. DE Leipzig – Ilses Erika
09.04. DE Düsseldorf – Ritus
20.04. DE Berlin – Urban Spree
21.04. DE Hamburg – Aalhaus
22.04. LU Luxemburg – De Gudde Wëllen
23.04. DE Stuttgart – Merlin

Fai Baba has changed. He’s not the same person anymore. Ten years of rock ’n‘ roll touring in Europe. Three years absence, an ashram in India, then a deer farm in the Jura, recently the relocation to a farm in Aargau. The gangly fellow from Zurich, a different person. More mature. More peaceful. More serious. More adult. And with a new sound. More precisely: Swiss dialect. On his sixth studio album «Veränderet» [«Changed»] (Release date: 04.03.2022 via A Tree In A Field Records), Fai Baba (born Fabian Sigmund) sings for the first time in his native language, the finest Zurich German. You can listen to stories from his life, based on his engagement with his own language, experiences and thoughts. A newly found energy, matured during his break. Also on board: a new band with Reto Gaffuri (b), Arno Troxler (dr) and Mike Fischer (g), that thoroughly covers a variety of styles between Americana, Blues as well as Rock ’n‘ Roll, Folk and even Spaghetti-Western. The enormous range of themes and sounds creates a universe of tunes and words that has never existed in the Swiss dialect before. That’s why the following stylistic concept definitely fits better: Swiss-Neo-Folk. This is no longer the same old wild music from back then, but the thoughtful work of an experienced musician who reveals his personality more than ever before. Or in Fai Baba’s words:


«I have changed. I am not the same anymore!»

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