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19Mar20:0000:00KUMMERBUBEN & ORCHESTERLinx & Lechz (CH)

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When the Kummerbuben started to put Swiss folk songs with their rumbling rock designs in new clothes and mix up the music landscape from Bern as newcomers almost 12 years ago, hardly anyone would have believed in this constellation: it was summer 2018, the water in the Aare warmed by the sun and the degrees in the steam center Bern surely well over 30 degrees. Together with the 80-piece Symphony Orchestra Variation, the dialect rockers have their specially recorded album  Itz mau Apocalypsebrought on stage as a bombastic sound art work on three sold-out evenings; Guitars, drums, strings and wind instruments in unexpectedly beautiful unity. And because the whole thing harmonized so fantastically, the Kummerbuben put their program on tour in spring with a reduced version and the four strings and three wind instruments of the Apocalypse Orchestra. Tender violin arrangements and massive trombone sounds meet the often dark songs performed by the five Berners in the best old rock style. Apart from their six albums and numerous club and festival shows in Germany and abroad, by the way, not their only endeavor apart from the classic rock agenda. They set a ballet piece back in 2010 and have the songs for the fairy tale Krabat in 2018composed in the Stadttheater Bern. This dialect knows no limits.

The duo Linx & Lechz consists of the two musicians Boni Koller and Nico Feer. The two were already on stage for the new edition of Baby Jail (2012 – 2017) for about 80 concerts. Since 2019 they have been concocting new songs that are musically located between minimal rock and electrified chanson. 


Vocals Simon Jäggi 
guitar Moritz Alfons 
guitar, banjo, mandolin Urs Gilgen 
bass, sax, bass clarinet Higi Bigler 
Drums Tobi Heim 

Violin Delphine Granges, Susanna Fini

Viola Ruggero Pucci

Cello Antonio Serrano Perez

Clarinet Martina Hunziker

Trumpet Manuel Nägeli

Trumpet  Cornelius Wegelin

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19. März 2020 20:00 - 00:00(GMT+00:00)



Klybeckstrasse 1b, 4057

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