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12Mar19:3000:00MAX GIESINGER

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There is reference: After Max Giesinger has played his biggest tour so far in front of over 60,000 fans on the ›Die Reise‹ Tour 2019, he returns for a continuation in spring 2020 with further dates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Giesinger are probably the craziest years of his life so far. In 2016/17 he played over three hundred concerts. On stages at over 1,600 meters above sea level, in marketplaces and castles, in clubs, a stable and a mine, in palace parks and stadiums, up to the legendary concert at ›Das Fest‹ in Karlsruhe and its completely sold-out show in the Hamburg city park, which was recorded on DVD. Over a million enthusiastic viewers wanted to hear how ›The Boy Who Runs‹ sounds live. The band covered more than 120,000 kilometers. You can also do this by circling the earth three times. Quite literally, this is ‚The Boy Who Runs‘. Max Giesinger financed his first album, ‚Learning to Walk‘ through a crowdfunding campaign, but then finally found a record label that supported his music. The second album ›The boy who runs‹ brings him the breakthrough. His journey has picked up speed. With the single ›80 Million‹, Max Giesinger succeeds in the summer anthem 2016, crowned with a platinum award. With his second single ›Wenn sie tanzt‹ he speaks from the soul of many. It reaches gold status and has been played on the radio seventy thousand times to date. The singles ›Roulette‹ and ›Not so fast‹ are also absolute radio hits. These successes show the enormous complexity of the album and ensure that ›The boy who runs‹ stays in the top 100 of the official album charts for 94 weeks. More than 250,000 copies sold again mean platinum and Max is among other things with the ›1Live Krone‹, the ›MTV Europe Music Award‹ and the ›LEA Award‹. “Crazy, what will happen in a few years,” says Max. Already on the first two albums, “Learn to Walk” and “Der Boy who runs was about movement. Max Giesinger’s third album is called ›Die Reise‹ and builds on it. With his first albums, he was still trying to break free. With his third record, Max Giesinger now realizes for the first time which path he has followed and reflects on the phase of being on the go. After two intensive and fulfilling years full of artistic successes, it is understandable that a phase of calm had to follow. That’s exactly what Max Giesinger chose in spring 2018. Six weeks on a Thai island, far from appointments and obligations, no one far and wide. After extremely turbulent months, this silence is more than unusual for him, but offers the necessary space for new songs. ›Die Reise‹ tells the story of being on the road all the time, of feeling at home anywhere and nowhere and the desire to arrive at some point. ›If I take something with me from this trip, it is the realization that for me a certain balance is exactly that Right thing is. Neither being on the go or being alone makes me happy, but the mixture of both and the variety that comes with it, ”says Max. And then it went on: In summer 2018/2019, an impressive 85 festival appearances followed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland , Of course, the motto of the new record ›Die Reise‹ is to be taken literally, because his tour of the same name takes him to another 16 concerts in three countries. Today Max Giesinger is one of the most relevant German pop artists and shows through his tireless drive how much he does loves what he does. It is still the greatest thing for him to stand on stage and play concerts. He is always very close to his fans. The boy with the guitar, who played Oasis-Cover in pedestrian zones, has grown up and assures us that the journey is only really starting. We are delighted to have Max Giesinger with his ›Die Reise‹ tour on March 12, 2020 at Rhypark Basel to be able to present.

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12. März 2020 19:30 - 00:00(GMT+00:00)



Mülhauserstrasse 17, 4056

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